About Us

My Greek heritage gave me the passion to explore the Mediterranean and Europe. Let me share my experiences to help you create the vacation memory of a lifetime.

Because I am fascinated by the world around us and what it holds for us to discover, I find travel irrisistable and cannot learn enough..."The world is a book, and if you don't travel, you see only one page." When we step outside of our small corner, we open ourselves up to experience other cultures with all of our senses. That to me is truly living! Currently, I serve as owner and operator of Tranquillity Vacations, and specialize in Romance, Honeymoon, and Group Travel. I have experience customizing Destination Weddings, along with extensive European and Mediterranean Cruises and Excursions. Do you want to experience different cultures with all your senses? We'll help you create your customized vacation and work tirelessly to make sure all details are covered to ensure you have A Tranquillity Vacation from beginning to end!